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sometimes you need ‘home’

The worst question you could ask my (or any) TCKs (Third Culture Kids) is ‘where are you from?’ For Xavier and Anouk, they are from everywhere and their ‘home’ is wherever the four of us are together. During the school year (at the present moment), ‘home’ is Muscat, Oman. For three weeks in the summer, ‘home’… Continue reading sometimes you need ‘home’


pork, the other white meat

Every country, culture, and religion has rules. Each group has behaviors that they deem wrong or abhorrent. In Arabic, they have a word for it–haram. To do something that is haram is to do something forbidden, offensive or objectionable to Islamic law. In other words, you are participating in an act that is considered “against Allah.” As… Continue reading pork, the other white meat

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a week in Oman

Today marks the first whole week we’ve been in Muscat, Oman. The flights from Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Muscat were easy peasy though Rob’s beard caused some issues and required extra security checks (sigh). Within 24 hours of arrival in the country, our shipment arrived and a crew of hot and sweaty men emptied the container,… Continue reading a week in Oman