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africa 2.0 ends

After 7 years of living on the beautiful African continent our 2nd stint (a.k.a: Africa 2.0) came to an end in June. As a way of reflecting on the past 3 years of life in South Africa, Rob and I sat on the couch in my classroom (on the last day of school in June) and wrote down the top 10 things we WILL and WON’T miss about SA (the pictures are just some of our favorites from this beautiful place we called “home.”)
In no particular order, here are the reasons you should visit South Africa:

1. Great friends. The people are beautiful and they’ll get in your heart… forever.
2. Weather. Hot or cold, there is always a blue sky.
3. Travel and safari. There is so much to see in this vast country. And it’s ALL accessible.
4. Cheap. The rand isn’t doing so hot right now, so it’s incredibly cheap for expats. Your money goes A LONG way here!
5. Alcohol. It’s good. It’s cheap. It’s delicious. Why wouldn’t you have bubbles on a Tuesday night?
6. Dog friendly. People love our crazy medicated dog just as much as we do.
7. Our house and pool. If you visited us… you know what I’m talking about!
8. AISJ. The campus is stunning. The grounds are colorful. And the facilities are top-notch!
9. Convenience. If you can avoid going to a government office, then it’s one of the easiest places we’ve lived.
10. Life is easy. Everything is easy to come by—great doctors; fabulous food; flat roads; and a language we ALL know!

This list was MUCH harder to come by…

The things we WON’T miss about South Africa:
1. Traffic. Taxis. Crap drivers!
2. Load-shedding.
3. Being SO far away from our family and friends! It is a LONG way to get out Africa when you are living in the south.
4. Broken robots (aka traffic lights…which lead back to issue #1)
5. Tipping to park… everywhere!
6. Early, EARLY mornings.
7. Purposeless PGCT.
8. “Now, now” and “Just now.” After 3 years, we still don’t understand the difference.
9. Living far away from the kids’ friends. We were isolated from the student community a bit and that was a challenge.
10. Chaos of our lives. Big city = Busy lives!


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