Camaraderie in Chaos

I have no excuse as to why this post has taken me two weeks to complete. It could be the 10+ hour days we’ve been putting in to online learning plus the time we’re spending cleaning our own house (I know… shock, horror!). But I think the real reason it has taken me nearly 2 weeks to blog an update about how we are surviving through the #CoronaChaos is because… well… we’re socializing A LOT more!

Like any normal family, the regularity of the work/school week includes so much routine that, by the time Friday and Saturday roll around, we really just want to chill on the couch munching on delivery pizza while watching some stupid Netflix movie that the kids will end up texting their friends through anyway. And in the blink of an eye, it’s Sunday again. We’re busy grocery shopping, prepping meals, setting up our schedule for the next week of craziness, and vowing to go to bed early.


But with the chaos that is (read this part in an ominous voice) the Corona virus… things are a bit different. Yes, we still get up early, walk the dog, have breakfast, and get to “school”. But, we can do it all in our pjs. Of course we are at home and glued to our computers (for longer periods of time than is healthy for any human being), but then, when we tuck the computers away we don’t have to stress about having to get ready for school tomorrow.

Since the Chinese New Year holiday began, most of us in the region have been glued to our cell phones WeChatting the night away. We’ve been sharing info (both good and bad), seeking advice, cheering each other up, and supporting each other’s decisions. But as our “stayers” group continues to dwindle, we’ve busied ourselves in an effort to beat the boredom. There have been brunches and parties, game nights and walks, dinners and pub visits with people who were once acquaintances but who are quickly becoming our friends: the ones we’ve laughed with, been worried with, joked with, and calmed.

The “stayers” have become a tight knit group of people who know the ridiculousness of having had their temperature checked at the entrance of the mall and 100 meters later at Starbucks before being given the honor of ordering a coffee… to go. (This is particularly insane as my temperature was 24C/75F at the grocery store this morning and 36.5C/97.7F 10 minutes later when I entered my village gate. I’m not sure this whole temperature thing is all it’s cracked up to be).

… but I digress.

The “stayers” are the ones who share important intel about which restaurants are open, who is still delivering food, and where new clean masks can be sourced. The “stayers” are becoming the family you need when you’re wondering, in secret and aloud, “Did we make the right choice?” The “stayers” are now the ones I will always remember when, decades from now, I’m thinking about the historic moments in my life, like where I was when the Challenger exploded, or 9/11, or when Corona struck.

This camaraderie that has been formed amongst our colleagues, our neighbors, and the waitress at our local pub is an unmistakable feeling of unity, togetherness, and calm.

I guess I haven’t written in such a long time not because I’m busy working… but because I’m busy living. I’m busy finding ways to fill my tank with joy.

…and so far, it’s working.

2 thoughts on “Camaraderie in Chaos

  1. Everybody looks healty and happy, let’s hope they find an antidote very soon. I’ve read that the Coronavirus dies off in warm weather just like the flu. Let’s hope so.
    Sharing your situation with neighbours and friends will indeed create a very strong bond,
    Hang on in there, love you guys!!


    1. Who knows what the future holds for this virus. But like the flu, the cold, Ebola, and anything else… we’re not scared. Being scared is not a fun way to live our life. So… we smile, we laugh, we entertain, and we visit. That seems like a much better way to get through this chaos. Oh yeah… and we TRY to avoid the news! You should try it. It helps you sleep better at night! Thanks for the love. We love you all too!


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