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sometimes you need ‘home’

The worst question you could ask my (or any) TCKs (Third Culture Kids) is ‘where are you from?’ For Xavier and Anouk, they are from everywhere and their ‘home’ is wherever the four of us are together. During the school year (at the present moment), ‘home’ is Muscat, Oman. For three weeks in the summer, ‘home’… Continue reading sometimes you need ‘home’

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travelling tales

After 18 months of living in South Africa we hadn’t travelled around much. Though we’ve explored the city’s great restaurants, bars, and shops, we’d never explored the highlights outside of the city–safari, wineries, coastal regions, etc. So… when Bomma said she was coming to visit us, we decided to get the heck out of town… Continue reading travelling tales

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the ups and downs of having MY brother

by Anouk Brothers can be two things great or annoying. Never anything in the middle. Big brothers and little brothers can be very different and luckily I’ve only got one. He’s bigger than me. But he’s in puberty. And that’s tough! It’s tough for me. It’s tough for the entire family. But it’s mostly tough for me. So… Continue reading the ups and downs of having MY brother

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Christmas in California

One of the worst things about living half a world away from home– jet lag.  Jet lag is a close second to other worst things… like: missing births, weddings, deaths (and all other familial and friend-centered events); not being present for joys and sorrows that permeate our loved one’s daily lives;  and the ever-important “hug-on-demand”… Continue reading Christmas in California